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  • Multipurpose Packaging
  • Multipurpose Packaging
  • Multipurpose Packagings
Decorating Options
In-Mould Labelling
Pictures inspire the imagination, stimulate the appetite and arouse emotions – and they entice people to take an object in their hands. No other process offers such good photographic quality as IML. Take advantage of its visual appeal to present your product brilliantly.


  • In-Mould Labelling is not just a spectacular eye-catcher – even sophisticated surface effects, pleasant aromas and watermarks can be integrated. Find out more about the IML effects.
  • Seamless transition between film and container

Offset printing
The tried and tested printing process shows what it is capable of at Koogan Plastics: Up to four colours make even simple labels look good.


  • Four-colour offset
  • Cost-effective for large batches

Self-Adhesive Labels
Self-adhesive labels or stickers have a sticky back and peel off from their base. They can be peeled off a sheet or roll and applied to products manually or by machine. Self-adhesive labels are a very simple solution to packaging or re-packaging products at very affordable prices.